In a workplace environment, it is very easy to become complacent in your surroundings and overlook a hazard with the potential to cause bodily harm.  A big part of workplace safety practices is preventing an injury altogether, and reporting instances of “near misses.”  Near misses are unplanned events that did not result or cause injury or damage but had the possibility of doing so.

It is important to be proactive when noticing risks or potential hazards in and around the workplace.  A few such hazards to be aware of could be:

  • Tripping hazards
  • Blocked exits or passageways
  • Slippery or icy floors, sidewalks, etc.
  • Anything else that could cause bodily harm

When noticing hazards or near misses in the workplace, it is important to report it right away to your supervisor and/or management team.  Filing a report right away can help to ensure that you and your fellow co-workers are in a safer environment.  A few proactive measures could be:

  • Don’t rush and be aware of your surroundings
  • Wear proper foot attire, i.e. shoes with traction/treads, closed toe shoes, etc.
  • Keeping workstations organized and free of clutter
  • Keeping passageways and fire exits free of obstructions

Remember that that each workplace has different hazards to be aware of, so it is important to know what safety regulations your company has in place.  If you are unsure, do not be afraid to reach out to your supervisor or management team, because your safety always comes first!


Janice Davis / Business Development Coordinator / PEO Canada