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Professional Employee Management

Value Proposition

Value Proposition

PEO Canada Business Services

  • A dedicated Business Consultant and Client Liaison are assigned to oversee the account.

  • A thorough service plan is developed when clients come on board and is followed up annually to ensure that we provide the best possible service.

  • Quarterly client reviews are conducted by the Business Consultant to make certain client needs are being met.

  • We work with an agreement to onboard clients versus a locked-in contract for a specific time period.

  • We provide clients with the tools needed to attract and retain good employees.

  • We are not a call centre.

  • Clients and their employees have 24/7 access to a customized web portal which features:

    • Current and past pay statements

    • Access to their health and dental group plan

    • Access to their Group Retirement Savings Plan (GRSP)

    • Time card management program

    • Access to their Employee Perks Program

PEO Canada Payroll Services

  • A dedicated Payroll Administrator is assigned to each client, with full contact information.

  • Our Payroll systems are owned, and processed by PEO Canada internally and require no set up fees.

  • Payroll is automatically processed electronically with changes submitted by email.

  • The Payroll system offers clients Canada-wide access and the ability to draw reports.

  • Employer Health Tax payments are administered by PEO Canada, if applicable.

  • No additional costs for T4’s, ROEs or reports. T4’s are available online through our secure web portal.

  • Each payroll run generates only one invoice which allows clients the freedom of not dealing with multiple service providers.

  • We have a state-of-the-art time management and HRIS system available to help minimize the client’s involvement in payroll reporting.

  • Both management and employees will have access to the online time management system with capabilities customized to meet the demands of clients; including part-time hours tracking, vacation and sick day tracking, personnel/project allocation, and other such features.

PEO Canada Human Resource Services

  • A dedicated Human Resource Administrator is assigned to each client, with full contact information.

  • We have a highly efficient infrastructure, consisting of HR operation professionals and expertise allowing clients to maximize their return on the investment in their people.

  • We work to develop best practices that result in better outcomes and lower business risk.

  • HR Administrator is constantly monitoring Canadian employment legislation to notify client of any changes, advise on requirements, and go-forward procedures to ensure clients are compliant and follow all safety and labour laws.

  • PEO Canada will consult, advise, and prepare all necessary documentation with regard to hiring, on-boarding, management, and termination (when required) of an employee.

  • PEO Canada will conduct employee orientations, providing your employees with a detailed, personalized presentation of full compensation offered by their employer. Example: Benefits and Group RSP (GRSP) offering.

  • PEO Canada will prepare and revise, when required, a Canadian Employee Policy & Procedures manual further helping to mitigate employer risk and ensuring compliance with Canadian labour laws.

PEO Canada Workers’ Compensation Services

  • A dedicated Workers’ Compensation contact assigned to each client, with full contact information.

  • All claims would be handled by your dedicated WCB contact at PEO Canada, on behalf of the client.

  • PEO Canada remits earnings, information, and pay premiums.

  • Complete Workers’ Compensation annual reconciliation each year to identify and address any outstanding account issues.

  • Claims management, including submitting claims and monitoring claims, ensures cost to employer is minimal.
  • Ensuring all claims submitted are correct and filed appropriately.

  • In the event of misfiling claims, PEO Canada works with each provincial board to rectify all issues.

  • Cost relief by working with provincial boards to ensure claim costs are removed due to pre-existing medical conditions or other factors.

  • Review and monitor accounts for any applicable discounts, rebates, or surcharges and ensure they are accurate.

  • WCB premium payments submitted to applicable provincial board as well as annual reconciliations.

PEO Canada Benefits Services

  • A dedicated Benefit Specialist assigned to work with each client and their employees. Not through a call center.

  • Our volume and electronic capability allow PEO Canada to offer robust benefit plans.

  • As the policy holder, PEO Canada will work directly on annual negotiations with Great West Life.

  • No broker fees.

  • Internal support staff ensures confidentiality for both employer and employee.

  • Employee support provides personalized service, experienced disability case management, maternity and paternal leave administration, and government sponsored programs.

  • Our policy features:

    • No minimum group size.

    • Greater flexibility by offering “premium” benefits coverage.

    • Plan options to match your corporate philosophy.

    • Available health and wellness programs.

    • Employee Assistance programs.

    • Access to an RRSP investment program; voluntary with optional employer matching.

    • Enhanced contract terms.

    • No medical evidence required (in most cases).

    • Increased Life Insurance and Disability Premium maximums.

    • Coverage available to global employees.

PEO Canada Recruitment Services

  • Our team of recruiters combines a calculated process and proactive recruitment approach to ensure only candidates of the best fit are submitted to the client.

  • Our methodology has resulted in a candidate retention rate high above industry average and a proven track record of success.

  • Contingency based fee structure (no upfront retainer).

  • Extensive DSS Candidate Database search.

  • Access to Canada’s largest job boards, enabling maximum exposure to candidates nationwide.

  • Extensive recruitment process, which includes resume reviews, screening, interview and reference checks.

  • Replacement guarantee.