Most individuals are not natural born leaders. Most have to work at acquiring and fine tuning their leadership skills. Often times when new managers/team leads are brought into a leadership position, they try to do everything in order to prove why they belong in that position, when instead they should be surrounding themselves with good people who specialize in specific areas. A leader’s role should be to provide direction and coordinate the expertise of the teammates allowing the team to function effectively. It is no different than in sports. The best hockey, soccer or baseball player is not usually going to be the best coach, and more times then not they fail as a coach. It is the coordination between all of the skill sets that allows a team to be great. It is important for leaders not to fear that their team members are more than likely going to be better than they are in specific areas. For example, a sales representative has the potential to make more than their manager as their pay is based on commission. As a leader, you want your sales representatives to surpass your sales abilities.