Injured at work?

You play a vital role in your Return to Work and Recovery.

When an injury or illnesses does occur, it is important for you and your employer to try to minimize the impacts by focusing on returning you to employment.

The WCB Alberta website has some very helpful tips for what you can do to feel better, get your daily life back to normal, and manage your benefits as smoothly as possible.

Promptly tell your employer, doctor (or other healthcare provider) and WCB exactly what happened when you were hurt. Clearly communicate what caused your work injury/illness.

Ask questions until you understand. You deserve to know what is going on. Ask many questions.

Stay active. Ask your doctor what you can do-and when. Medical research shows that recovery is better when people keep to their daily routine as much as possible during their recuperation. Discuss with your doctor any ideas you and your employer have come up with for modified work duties.

Adjust your job: suggest solutions. Meet with your employer to discuss ideas on making short-term adjustments to your job or finding something else you can do at work. Check that your doctor agrees the tasks are medically safe for you.

Keep your adjudicator/case manager updated. Keeping your adjudicator or case manager updated on your progress helps ensure you receive the right benefits and services at the right time. Discuss the modified work ideas you and employer have with your adjudicator or case manager. Include any information you have received from your physician for modified work duties.

Look after yourself. Be patient. Take care of your mind and body-they are connected. Your mental health can impact your recovery.

Keep good records. Use a folder to organize your papers. Ensure you know your claim number or have it written down.

If you have been injured at work and are looking for more information regarding return to work programs talk to your employer, reach out to your case manager, see your provincial WCB website or reach out to your PEO WCB Administrator right away.


Preventing workplace injuries and illnesses is the responsibility of everyone in the workplace.


Melissa Manzutti / WCB Administrator / PEO Canada