Upon accepting a new job offer to be a sales accountant, the realization of what exactly I will be doing sets in. I am going to be calling companies who might not be willing to have a conversation with me. I could even be calling individuals who are annoyed that I exist. Fear is defiantly beginning to kick in a bit. So what should I do???

It is time to thicken up that skin, put my game face on, and get out there and make a sale! But how does one overcome those insecure feelings of not being received upon a cold call? How does one get over the fear of being rejected? Most importantly, how does one forget about a bad call and move on to a successful one?

The answer comes down to whether or not you are a born sales person. A sales person looks forward to the challenge! A sales person believes in changing people’s lives with a good product! Lastly, a sales person isn’t afraid of a no! It’s overcoming these challenges that motivate a true sales person at heart, forgetting fear and looking forward to the chase.

So to all those Sales People at heart: show the rest of the world how fears don’t dictate how we work. Show the rest of the world that a “No” does not deter us from our personal goals. Continue to shine through and feel good about what you are doing and feel pride in your natural talent!

Christina Ramalho / Inside Sales / PEO Canada