The 2017 workplace is filled with employees who are trying to find balance between work duties and responsibilities, and providing support as a caregiver for a loved one.

Compassionate care has been offered in the past to caregivers tending to someone with a prognosis of eminent death.   The Federal government has started to review this policy and is starting to expand the restriction to allow increased benefits through Employment Insurance for those caregivers who are supporting and caring for someone with a chronic condition.

Employers should also be aware of this common situation and look to help employees create a balance between working and filling the role of caregiver.   Providing a comprehensive Employee and Family Assistance Program is one way to assist employees. Support for Working Caregivers

Here are a couple of interesting links, from Benefits Canada, that provide more information on caregivers in the workplace.

Dawne Helischauer / Sr. Benefits Specialist / PEO Canada