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Ontario New Pay Transparency Legislation

Bill 3 will bring more transparency on the hiring processes for women looking for jobs in the Province of Ontario.  Women will have more information regarding compensation and how it compares to their male counterparts, giving women more negotiating power during the hiring process. The bill is set to become law on January 1st, 2019.  At which point Ontario will: Require all publicly advertised job postings to include a salary rate or range Bar employers from asking a job candidate about their past compensation Prohibit reprisals against employees who discuss or disclose compensation Establish a framework to require larger employers to track and report compensation gaps based on...

Embedding a Deep Understanding of Prospective Clients

It’s all about setting goals and achieving them, but how do you ensure success once you have found or connected with your prospect?  How can you get your sales to the next level?  This process has two simple steps that are essential. The first step would be to maximize your discovery call by zeroing in on their needs; this helps to spark a willingness to speak.  Instead of over pitching, listen.   Once need is established, ask upfront questions about buying ability.  For example, you could ask “What is the time frame to purchase, and who needs to be involved in the decision making process?” and “When are you...

Has an Employee reported OR have you become aware of a workplace injury/incident?

Health and Wellness
As an employer, do you know what your responsibilities are when a workplace injury occurs?   Provide or assist your worker with seeking medical attention Provide any required first aid treatment at the scene Send your worker for necessary and immediate medical attention As an Employer you are responsible to arrange transportation and pay any costs, if applicable, for transportation (ambulance fees, taxi fare, etc.)   Keep a record Record the details of the injury/incident. The records must include: Name of worker Date and time of injury/incident Date, time, and name of who it was reported to A description of the injury A description of the incident, where...

Make Yourself a Priority

Health and Wellness
Getting caught up in the routine of life’s demands and the stress of meeting expectations means we tend to forget about ourselves.  By putting yourself last, you could feel drained, exhausted, impatient, rushed, stressed, and tend not to live in the present moment.  We're always anticipating the future, (the “to do” list, the constant upcoming thoughts) while simultaneously thinking about the past. Instead of BEING human, we have become a more automated version of DOING human. Taking care of YOU first and foremost is essential to fulfill your day.  It provides the necessary energy and the power to take care of everything to the best of your ability.  When you don’t focus on yourself first, you get out...

British Columbia to introduce Employer Health Tax to replace Provincial Health Premiums

Health and Wellness
In British Columbia (BC) public health insurance is called the Medical Services Plan – or MSP.  Residents of BC are required to enrol in the Medical Services Plan and contribute premium towards the costs of the health care system.  MSP covers the cost of medically-necessary hospital and physician services. BC is the only province left in Canada which requires residents to pay a monthly premium for provincial healthcare coverage. The MSP premiums are complex and expensive for businesses and the government to administer. As such, the BC Government is planning to eliminate MSP premiums as of January 1st, 2020. To make up for the lost revenues, the province...