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Motivate With Extrinsic/Intrinsic Rewards

Business, Human Resources
Acknowledging and rewarding an employee’s good behavior is a great way to increase motivation, improve performance, and retain top talent. Recognition comes in many forms, but when looking at ideas for rewarding your team, why not give extrinsic and intrinsic motivators a try? Extrinsic rewards are tangible motivators, like offering pay raises, bonuses, and benefits. Monetary benefits can instantly motivate some employees to work towards the reward, especially since money directly impacts one’s quality of life. As nice as they seem, these kinds of rewards tend to have short-term effects, and can be costly if expected to be continuously given.  This may also be difficult for some smaller...

Brush Up on Your Beneficiary

Benefits, Health and Wellness
Canadians may have life insurance, pensions, group retirement services, and other savings to help protect our loved ones in the event that something happens to us. But do you know who is listed as your current beneficiary on these policies? Many of us set the beneficiary designations when we initially enroll or sign up for retirement savings plans (RSP), group retirement services, and other programs, and then we tend to forget about them. We all encounter many changes throughout our lives and we need to be aware that these changes should be reflected in who we want as beneficiaries in the event something dire should happen. It is...

Getting Ready for Tax Time

Payroll, Personal Advice
As we roll into February, many Canadians are starting to think about putting down their snow shovels and picking up their calculators. That’s right, it’s almost tax season! It might not be the most exciting thing in the world, but we can all agree that its an important and necessary part of the year – and a great excuse to stay inside on the colder nights to come!    The deadline to file your 2021 taxes with the Canada Revenue Agency is technically April 30, however you will have until May 2 this year as April 30 falls on a Saturday. If you or your spouse/common-law partner are...

Making The Most of Your Meetings

Business, Personal Advice
Organizing a meeting with your team is a great way to problem-solve, collaborate, and make group-based decisions; however, the point of sitting down together may be moot if the meeting itself is ineffective or inefficient. If a meeting is to be the best use of everyone’s time, then it should be used to convey information, answer questions, brainstorm ideas/problem solve, network, or sell a product, idea, or service. Before gathering the team for a meeting, you should determine if it’s necessary to sit down together at all. Prior to scheduling and organizing, ask yourself the following questions: Why am I booking this meeting?What do I want to accomplish...

Understanding Service Needs Before Providing Solutions

Business, Sales
It’s time to present your service solution and pricing to a prospect! It is a very exciting part of a sales cycle, but before you present slow down and ask yourself: do you understand your prospect? Does your potential future client feel that you do know exactly what they are looking for? It is key to go through a check list internally to ensure you are presenting the appropriate solution. You should know the answers to the following questions before getting ready to close the deal: What is the prospect’s problem or issue? Often, the prospect is aware of their own issues, but wants to make sure that...