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Filling the Pipeline

In order to be successful in the big world of sales, it is essential to continually fill your pipeline with prospects so that you have fresh new leads in your territory. Here are some tips to help ensure you always have an exciting lead to follow up on. Google Alerts can help keep you in tune with the changing market place and in the know of how the climate is changing for your pool of prospects.  Have there been any changes with the decision makers?  Is there any opportunity for you to reach out and congratulate a contact that you have been in touch with?  The goal is...

Listening to a Prospect’s Needs and the Success of Closing a Sale

The most important tool that any good sales person utilizes is listening. Salespeople who talk instead of listen will not get the big picture. They will not understand their prospects needs and will never be able to properly close a sale. Instead of listening, often salespeople talk their way out of a sale because they are thinking about what they want to happen instead of listening to their prospect and getting a better idea of what they want to happen. Ask a question and then listen, if you are listening then follow up questions will let your prospect know that you understand their point. This will show that...

How to tackle Conferences

Well it’s that time of the year again … the annual big conference. Conferences can be a great way to network and meet new contacts that can help you grow your business. Ensuring that you are creating and executing a game plan is essential to making the best use of your time. Make sure to prepare yourself. Have a goal of how many people you want to meet and introduce yourself to. What do you want to get out of the introduction? Compile a list of questions that you would like to bring up during an intro. You could consider having a partner; it can make the experience...

The Power of Listening

By: Christina Ramalho Listening is one of the greatest tools that any Sales Person has. Think back to your school days. What did the teacher always tell you to do: “Listen, Stop Talking, and Pay Attention!” These golden nuggets of wisdom still apply today. When you are talking with a prospect, it’s best to let them talk. Find out as much as you can about this individual, what their business is, and how you could possibly ease some of the pain. The only way we can figure out what the pain is …. You got it … LISTEN! It seems very simple and it is! Sometimes, as we...

Human Resources Specialists Know the Benefits of Mentoring

Many human resources specialists understand the benefits of mentoring. Now many companies include mentoring as part of their human resources programs. Deciding to step up and Mentor a colleague has many advantages. The obvious benefit would be that of the Mentored.  Knowing that they have someone to turn to with their questions and observations but the advantages do not stop there.  With all that said, what is the value to the Mentor? Through many years of Mentoring, I can honestly say the benefits are numerous.  You learn so much more about your own craft through helping another develop their own.  As you review and research for another, you...