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Is Cold Calling Dead?

Business, Personal Advice, Sales
“Cold Calling”, or reaching out to a potential customer with no prior interaction, can be one of the most daunting aspects of sales. So much so that it often keeps good people away from the profession! The question almost everyone asks when diving into a sales role is “Do I have to do cold calling?” There is a wave of thought that believes the era of cold calling is dead. Networking seems to be the way to become successful in sales, as this is where all the big deals take place. Senior-level contacts will often not accept cold calls, and the only way to meet them, connect, and...

Embedding a Deep Understanding of Prospective Clients

It’s all about setting goals and achieving them, but how do you ensure success once you have found or connected with your prospect?  How can you get your sales to the next level?  This process has two simple steps that are essential. The first step would be to maximize your discovery call by zeroing in on their needs; this helps to spark a willingness to speak.  Instead of over pitching, listen.   Once need is established, ask upfront questions about buying ability.  For example, you could ask “What is the time frame to purchase, and who needs to be involved in the decision making process?” and “When are you...

To proceed or not to proceed? That is the question!

So we have all “been there”, a prospective client that can really use your assistance but they are unwilling to go through the process you require as their Sales Rep. It’s important to realize that a prospect’s opposition to the process doesn’t reflect badly on how they will be as a client. For whatever reason, their interest in your sales process has waned. The majority of the time, their attention, is being pulled elsewhere within their organization.  It’s important to keep your prospect’s attention to the future by reviewing again how you can support their current need and then  bring them slowly back to the next stage of...

So you are getting push back on cost…

For some, they just get it right away.  For others, they must go through all the options and then weigh the pros and cons. It really is just part of their process to feel confident regarding the value. Respect the fact that your prospective client wants to review and engage. You might want to ask yourself whether you have listened. Does anything sound familiar? For example, are you recognizing some pain points that your existing clients initially came to you with? Ask yourself, have I been given adequate time to gather this information?  Finally and most importantly, have you even asked the very basic and simple question: “How...

Top Three Tips when acquiring a Canadian Business

The many benefits of working with your PEO Canada team is that we have developed a network of professionals and experts in the field to connect you with when it comes to developing business here in Canada. One of those professionals is Andrea Henry, a Business & Tax Lawyer with Vox Law in Toronto. I got the opportunity to sit down with her and discuss her 3 Top Tips when acquiring a Canadian Business. 1 – Due diligence - This is of the utmost importance, particularly when you are acquiring a Canadian company. It is essential that everything is properly set up, that corporate documents & taxes are...