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It’s Time for a Spring Clean, Let’s Move Those Prospects Along!!!

Personal Advice
Out with the old and in with the new, that’s the motto for spring. Why not apply that to your growing list of prospects. This is the time of year for everyone to re-organize so it’s a great time to take another look and ensure that old prospects that haven’t been moving forward are out of the cycle. Take that focus and put your energy towards prospects that have a potential to close. Potential clients are also looking to focus on what needs to be changed or re-arranged in their procedures and policies. What a great time of year to connect and review how you can assist with...

‘Tis the season… for security awareness

Personal Advice
We are approaching some busy shopping seasons over the next couple of months here, this also means there will be an increase in SPAM, Malware, Scams and Hacks etc. So here are a few tips to help you navigate the digital world this season. Ensure your security software is up to date This mainly means your virus scan, there are however many additional security software options such as firewalls, ad blockers, malware detectors etc. If you do use those additional security options you will want to ensure they are kept up to date.  For this article, however, we are going to focus on the base protection for most...

Top Things Families Should Know About Taxes

Personal Advice
Is your family ready for tax season?  Are you aware of all the benefits, credits and deductions that have been created to help you and your family? The Canada Revenue Agency has compiled a list of many of the credits and deductions you and your family can and should take advantage of!  Read more about them here. Be sure to check out our article on filing your taxes online for free!

RRSP Season is around the corner – Are you ready?

Personal Advice
With the start of another year, Canadians will begin preparing for filing their annual income taxes. As you wait for your employer to issue your T4 slip, you will also begin receiving your RRSP contribution tax receipts, for the period ending December 31, 2014. Did you make all of the RRSP contributions in 2014 that you had hoped to? Did you run out of time before starting your contributions, despite your best intentions? Take comfort in knowing – it’s not too late! Any contributions made within the first 60 days of 2015 are eligible to be claimed on your 2014 tax return – this is great news! You...

To Behave or Not to Behave…

Personal Advice
The company Christmas party: this is usually the place where you get to see some of your colleagues alter egos come out. The shy become social. The friendly become friendlier and the outgoing, well they can just…get very ugly! Christmas parties can be a well-earned chance to let off some steam but there is risk of them turning into alcohol-fuelled obstacle courses, full of career-threatening moments. While the Christmas party can create worries for both employer and employee, it is an event where you can still behave professionally and have fun. They provide a great opportunity to socialize with co-workers and bosses, within your company whom you may...