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What You Should & Shouldn’t Say About Former Employees

Human Resources
When a fellow HR director calls asking for a post-employment reference about one of your former employees, it’s a dilemma—especially when you don’t have anything positive to say about the former employee. Your ethical side cries out to warn your fellow traveler from HR that this guy is bad news and shouldn’t be hired. But your professional side knows that bad-mouthing a former employee can get you into a heap of legal trouble and that the last thing your company needs is to be sued for defamation. So what should you say? This article will give you a strategy to resolve the dilemma.   Damned If You Do...

Training Your Employees

Human Resources
It’s the start of a new year, new plans, new budgets…where are you planning to invest your company dollars this year? Have you considered training for your employees? In this current economic climate, ensuring the key people in your organization have the skills to carry your business is critical. When cost cutting leads to a reduction in work force, the employees which you will retain need to bring value in the key areas in which their responsibilities lie. Often, the concern goes beyond budgets to having the investment walk out the door. Zig Ziglar addresses this stating that “the only thing worse than training employees and losing them, is...

Approaching an Employee Attendance Management Conversation, What Can I say?

Human Resources
Attendance management seems to have become a more complicated issue these days as a more flexible and contingent workplace smashes up against an employer’s ability to manage the presence of their employees and the increase in employee absenteeism. How does an organization enforce an employee attendance policy when workforces are comprised of part-time, contract, temporary and flex employees who work different hours and have different expectations? Add into this situation legislated leaves and the requirement for accommodation for disability and family situation and there are a lot of layers to consider. Yet, it does remain that an organization has the right to expect employees will perform their duties...

Work Permits and Social Insurance Numbers

Human Resources
Every person working in Canada is required to have a Social Insurance Number (SIN). The SIN is a 9 digit number used to properly administer government benefits and must be verified by the employer. When gathering the initial employment information from new employees it is the employer’s responsibility to verify accurate SIN information has been provided. As of March 2014 the Government of Canada no longer issues plastic SIN cards and has switched to a paper copy of the SIN. Employees are required by law to provide proof of their SIN in the form of a card (issued before March 2014 that has not expired) or the paper...

Seven Things You Need to Know to Make Probationary Employment Work!

Human Resources
Hiring on a probationary basis is supposed to limit your legal commitments to new employees. The problem is that mishandling the probationary employment process can actually increase the risk of grievances, lawsuits and liability. The following are seven things about probationary employment every HR department needs to know to implement effective and legally sound probationary employment arrangements.   What is Probationary Employment? Probationary employment involves hiring employees on a trial basis for a predetermined trial period before deciding whether to offer them a permanent position. The probationary period is like an audition that gives employees the chance to prove their worth and employers a chance to evaluate the...