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What is an EFAP or EAP?

Health and Wellness
EFAP (Employee and Family Assistance Program) or EAP (Employee Assistance Program) are generally provided in conjunction with your employee benefits package.  They are confidential services that you or your family members are able to connect with at any time to discuss a wide variety of personal, family, or work related issues that you may be struggling with. There are many different topics that these programs can assist with; a few include: Work/Life Balance and other workplace challenges Weight Management and Nutrition Addiction Issues Financial Guidance Relationship Issues and Parenting   Most EFAP providers no longer require you to place a phone call to start receiving support.  Many have...

The Cannabis Act and Benefits Plans

Health and Wellness
With the Cannabis Act coming into force on October 17th, 2018, many insurers are in the process of determining how to best fit medical marijuana into current plan offerings.  To be eligible for reimbursement under a group benefits plan, a drug must have a Drug Identification Number (DIN). Currently, marijuana is not an approved drug in Canada and does not have a DIN, so this poses a challenge to insurers. While it isn’t currently considered an eligible expense under the extended healthcare plan, it is an acceptable expense for a healthcare spending account (HSA), as the guidelines for HSA expenses are provided by the Canada Revenue Agency. Your...

A New Evolution in the Workforce is Starting

Health and Wellness
Baby boomers are approaching retirement age, but concerns are high among many employees about being financially ready to retire. This is causing some to decide that they want or even need to keep working. Many organizations are using this as an opportunity to re-think traditional retirements  by transitioning older workers from the “structured work” environment to a more “flexible and relaxed” work environment. Many employees are not ready to retire completely but would rather ease into retirement. This can help organizations who might be facing skill shortages and extends the time frame to transfer the valuable knowledge and plan for succession. Employees can also win in this scenario...

Has an Employee reported OR have you become aware of a workplace injury/incident?

Health and Wellness
As an employer, do you know what your responsibilities are when a workplace injury occurs?   Provide or assist your worker with seeking medical attention Provide any required first aid treatment at the scene Send your worker for necessary and immediate medical attention As an Employer you are responsible to arrange transportation and pay any costs, if applicable, for transportation (ambulance fees, taxi fare, etc.)   Keep a record Record the details of the injury/incident. The records must include: Name of worker Date and time of injury/incident Date, time, and name of who it was reported to A description of the injury A description of the incident, where...

Make Yourself a Priority

Health and Wellness
Getting caught up in the routine of life’s demands and the stress of meeting expectations means we tend to forget about ourselves.  By putting yourself last, you could feel drained, exhausted, impatient, rushed, stressed, and tend not to live in the present moment.  We're always anticipating the future, (the “to do” list, the constant upcoming thoughts) while simultaneously thinking about the past. Instead of BEING human, we have become a more automated version of DOING human. Taking care of YOU first and foremost is essential to fulfill your day.  It provides the necessary energy and the power to take care of everything to the best of your ability.  When you don’t focus on yourself first, you get out...