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Work-Life Balance in the “New Normal”

Health and Wellness
Its common these days to intermingle our work and personal lives, especially with COVID-19 shifting many of our office cubicles right into our own homes. Where there used to be a solid line of clocking out of one space and commuting back to the other now lies a blurred boundary that we must navigate as best as we can. Balance can seem impossible to achieve when our professional and personal lives are mixing so regularly, but its important to maintain some sense of harmony to ensure we’re taking care of our mental wellness. One of the biggest indicators that our work-life balance is out of sync is burnout....

Ergonomics in the Office

Health and Wellness
Ergonomically setting up a workstation should maximize a worker’s efficiency and safety, while reflecting the specific needs of each individual. No two people have the same body type, and just as clothing comes in different sizes to fit you best, you need to adjust your workstation so it best fits you. Performing repetitive tasks in an unnatural position can cause fatigue, back pain and repetitive stress injuries. However, a properly set up workstation can increase efficiency, productivity, and comfort. The most important item of your workstation is your chair. In order to ensure a comfortable ergonomic fit, stand in front of your chair and adjust the height so...

PEO Canada’s Commitment to Continuity of Services amid COVID-19

Health and Wellness
The World Health Organization (WHO) has now characterized the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) as a pandemic. This is not just a public health crisis but a serious situation that will touch every sector, business, and organization on both employment and financial levels. Following the recommendations of both the Federal and Provincial Governments, we have transitioned our employees to their remote work locations. PEO Canada has put policies in place to minimize interruptions to our business while we operate in our building, keeping the health and well-being of our staff a top priority. The continued commitment to our shared business continuity with minimal disruptions remains our ultimate goal.  To achieve...

National Day of Mourning (April 28th)

Health and Wellness
April 28th is recognized as the Day of Mourning and was established in 1984 by the Canadian Labour Congress. It is a day to remember those who have been killed or injured as a result of a work-related incident or occupational disease. It also serves as a reminder for workplaces to continue to support healthy and safe work practices throughout the year. This day is not only recognized across Canada, but in over 100 countries worldwide. Thousands of workers have suffered an illness, been injured, or even killed as a result of a work-related event. Due to these tragedies, many families and friends have been severely affected. This...

Effective Ways to Boost Employee Morale

Health and Wellness
Low morale can be a concern because it means that your workforce may not just be unhappy, but it also means employees are unlikely to be performing to their best capability. Some indications of low morale may include; low productivity, high turnover, and increased inter-personal conflicts. These are factors that could negatively affect highly skilled and engaged employees, which can be detrimental to the overall bottom-line of the organization. Even the most mundane of jobs can be appealing to people, if the systems and environment are set up to be inspiring. The highest levels of profitability and productivity come when there is high morale in the workplace.  High...