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Take a second look at Co-Employment Relationships

American companies expanding into Canada may initially believe that Co-Employment or Employee Leasing may be their best option, but there are multiple advantages to managing your employees under your own Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) payroll number. Co-employment can blur the lines in the employer –employee relationship.  In Canada, whoever directs the day to day activities of the employee is deemed to be the employer of record.   When embarking on a Co-Employment Relationship with employees, usually you are subject to higher fees for Workers Compensation (WCB).  Your premiums will be based on the industry classification of the co-employer, that’s because all employees are pooled together.  The rates will be...

Human Resource Outsourcing; Indicators That You Are Ready to Take the Step

If you are Business Owner that is well past the start-up stage and your business is growing, you may be ready to take the step towards HR outsourcing. It is an exciting time when your client base increases and the steady stream of new projects are coming in. Of course, now you are hiring additional staff to meet the increasing demands but somehow the excitement of growing your business is being replaced by a new kind of stress: trying to be two places at once. The multi-tasking can be exhausting along with the attempts to be all things to all people. Do you feel like you are able...

A Fool Proof Plan for Outsourcing your Payroll, HR, WCB and Benefits Administration in the New Year

Approaching the end of October, many are planning for the New Year. What decisions need to be made before on boarding with a full service employee management solution? Here are some tips to ensure a smooth and seamless transition. While you want to be in compliance with labour and Canadian Revenue Agency legislation, it is important to choose a service firm that is able to be consistent with the values and culture of your organization. When onboarding you will need to provide supporting documentation for your Canada Revenue Agency Account (along with Quebec Rev if applicable) & Worker’s Compensation account (Along with CSST if applicable). It is a...

Why Outsourcing Makes Sense

It’s mid-summer and fall is just around the corner. Many small businesses are beginning to think about their strategy for the New Year. It’s not that far off, and it’s a good idea to begin planning for it now. Where would you like to see your business go and what is the best way for you to get there? Take a look at your internal processes and see what is working efficiently and what is not. It may be a good time to explore outsourcing some of those processes that are not efficient. If you have employees who wear many hats, as many small businesses do, it may...

Making that Third Quarter Count, How to Get Closer to Your Year End Goals

“Where are you at today for annual set goals?”  This is a great question to ask yourself in order to set the plan in motion for the third quarter.  What will be some of the challenges heading into the third quarter? Finally, you will need to find creative ways to not get distracted by people taking vacations and encouraging these key prospects to speak with you. As you sit down and review your targets don’t forget about the most important aspect, how will you be able to execute? What plan do you have in motion to move you closer to your goals, execute and close your sale? People...