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Health benefits in Canada – What is covered?

Both citizens and residents of Canada are lucky enough to be able to access a comprehensive public healthcare system. The public health system was founded based on the following key principles in the Canada Health Act: -          Comprehensive – Outlines those services which must be provided under the public health system; -          Universality – States that all insured services must be provided on uniform terms and conditions; -          Portability – Allows for persons travelling outside of their home province to maintain coverage, and provides a starting part to determine which province will provide coverage when needed; -          Public Administration – States that the plans must be administered on...

Retirement Planning in Canada: Who is your Beneficiary?

We have life insurance, group RRSP’s, pensions, group retirement services, and other savings to help protect our loved ones in the event that something happens to us…but do you know who is listed as your current beneficiary on these policies? Many of us set the beneficiary designations when we initially enroll or sign up for group RRSP’s, group retirement services, and other programs, and then we tend to forget about them. However, LIFE HAPPENS! We all encounter many changes throughout our lives and we need to be aware that these changes should be reflected in who we want as beneficiaries in the event something dire should happen. It...

Group Benefits Update: The Cost of (Poor) Mental Health

As we all take on more responsibility both at work and in our personal lives, there are pressures that continue to mount. Under certain circumstances, these pressures can build to a point where the activities of everyday life can become too difficult. In some cases, these stresses may leave an individual unable to work which could result in a disability claim and use of workers compensation benefits. Knowledge regarding the importance of maintaining mental health and wellbeing is becoming more common and emphasized in group benefits plans and health and dental insurance plans. Individuals, and the companies that they work for, have placed renewed significance on work-life balance,...

Balancing Disability Management and Privacy

Lately, the group benefits team at PEO Canada has been quite busy with the amount of disability claims coming our way as part of our health and dental insurance. Some of these claims have raised eyebrows from international employers as some do not have the knowledge or understanding of the “rules and regulations” behind group benefit claim management and privacy. The rising costs of absenteeism and disability have compelled many organizations to put a new emphasis on actively managing disability claims and in their organization. More often, this leads to a high level of frustration on the employer’s part as all medical information is considered confidential. For my...

Crack the Colour Code for Healthy Eating and Supplement Your Group Benefits

  Businesses need to provide the right health and dental insurance and group benefits plans for their valuable employees. Small business health insurance plans are important in Canada and help with employee retention. But there is more to health and wellness than a great group benefits plan. To supplement your company’s group benefits or health and dental insurance plans, healthy eating is a great place to start.   The best form of a health and dental insurance plan is prevention. This paired with great group benefits leads to happy and healthy employees. A simple way to begin eating healthy is to eat more vegetables and fruit with a...