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Is your job making you sick?

Health and Wellness
Is your job making you sick? This time of year, it is virtually impossible to avoid catching a cold or getting the flu. With a coworker sneezing on your right and another coughing on your left, you basically have to resign yourself to the inevitability of shared germs. However, flu season may not be the only reason your job is making you sick. All year long, there are elements to your job or workplace that could be adversely affecting your health. Here is a list of some of the top health concerns office employees face on a regular basis. Your Desk Set up is Causing Back Pain Solution:...

I don’t like the competition and the world needs to know.

The world is a competitive place and we are often put in situations where we are put up against a competitor. In the world of sales and client relations, this happens all of the time. Often I get asked, “When can I tell my client how awful the competition is?” When I was younger and in competitive sports, we once had a team in our league that I can honestly say we hated. Our teams were intense rivals and both teams took every opportunity to attack the other team, either on the field or off. Both teams felt a palpable dislike for each other. And we all felt...

Psychological Health at Work

October was Healthy Workplace Month. So much information is now available for us to utilize and better understand what affects us all in the workplace. Benefits Canada has put a great compilation of articles together. Please see the link below for some very interesting reading: Pfizer has an article relating to “The Work Style Pendulum” that can help determine your work style under stress. They also have other stress related articles that may help and offer solutions. Ipsos Reid just recently concluded a study that may surprise you with the findings. They conducted a study of Psychological Health and Safety Concerns in the workplace. More people...

Overcoming Prejudice in Sales

When we look around us, the dirty word of prejudice is everywhere. The problem is that it is even more rampant than most of us believe it is. It is simple to see the obvious list of what most of us view as prejudicial behaviors: race, creed, gender, etc. Add to that dislikes against those who are disabled and the new term of ageism where we don’t like people due to their specific age. And, we all have prejudices that are much more subtle. We don’t like a person for their speech, their mannerisms, their name, and many more. We make instant decisions on whether we like someone...

Getting personal with Ergonomic products

Health and Wellness
Shopping for ergonomic office equipment and supplies can be a daunting task. There are countless suppliers that will offer a wide variety of fascinating gizmos, elaborate desks and chairs that seemingly have the ability to cure scoliosis. All of these ergonomic products promise improved functionality and a substantial decrease or elimination of overuse injuries. But buyer beware: just because a product is listed as ergonomic, does not mean it will be right for you. As you have probably noticed, all bodies are built differently and no two people work and sit the exact same way. Therefore, wouldn’t it stand to reason that an ergonomic product isn’t ergonomic for...