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Workplace Safety: Air Quality

Health and Wellness, WCB
Employers want to keep their employees happy and healthy at work. Regular risk assessments as well as safety tools and measures are a large part of this. When assessing the risks associated with a workplace, air quality may not make it to the top of the list, however it is a component of the environment that should not be overlooked.   Air quality can be a contributing factor to occupational illness that can result in temporary time loss or permanent disability for employees. Air quality becomes the employers responsibly if there is a risk of significant workplace exposure to harmful substances such as particulate, fumes, or pathogens. When...

Fraudulent Letters and Scams

Business, Payroll, Personal Advice
No one wants to fall victim to fraudulent letters or scams and with today’s technologies, these cons can arrive in a number of ways, whether that be through direct mail or email. These letters sound convincing as they can impersonate an attorney, financial institution, or government agency. It is best to be cautious, especially when receiving unexpected communication, and learn how to detect warning signs. It is always a good practice to take a second look at an official letter or email and never click on the link provided or respond to a phone number included, even if your initial take is that the communication is real. If...

Resource Management

Business, Implementation
Whether tackling a new project or simply performing a routine practice, it is best to always assess if you have the proper resources to complete the task. Evaluating what you have at your deposal and how you can use these resources is key to be successfully in your goal.  The first step to complete while beginning a new project is to assess the resources you have at hand. This can be anything from materials and supplies you can use or any documentation and instructions at the ready. Once you have a realistic idea of what resources you have at your deposal, you can begin. It is best to...

Why to Choose Outsourcing Core-Competencies

Business, Sales
As a business grows, so do the requirements of a business and its employees. Outsourcing these needs are beneficial as it allows a business to set focus on future growth, development, and goals. Some may be hesitant to outsource what would typically be considered “in-house” responsibilities but the first step when choosing to outsource these needs is to find a quality provider. Research any potential partners, look for how long they have been in their practice and whether they are willing to give client references. Both of these methods are great ways to find out if a potential partner is knowledgeable, open, and professional. Once an organization has...

Travel Insurance

Benefits, Personal Advice
As summer comes to a close, employees are taking vacations to try to enjoy the last of the warm weather. But if they are leaving the country, they should be prepared and make sure that they are covered by travel insurance for any unforeseen accidents. There are many reasons to book travel insurance before planning a vacation. What if an emergency happens and flights needs to be cancelled? What if luggage is lost? What if there is a medical mishap and a visit to a hospital is required? What happens if you are pickpocketed? Luckily, most basic travel insurance policies cover these unexpected events and will help reimburse...