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Winter Safety: Prevent Slips, Trips, and Falls

Health and Wellness
As temperatures drop and snow flies, the number of injuries due to slips, trips, and falls increases.  Workers can suffer bruises, abrasions, broken limbs, cracked ribs, serious back and/or head injuries, often resulting in time off work.  In Canada, more than 42,000 workers get injured annually due to falls, according to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. Statistics show the majority (66%) are due to slips and trips on the same level. The remaining (34%) are falls from heights, such as ladders, stairs, or roofs. While much attention is given to prevent workers falling from elevations, the reality is that anyone can slip, trip, and possibly fall on...

Ergonomics in the Office

Health and Wellness
Ergonomics is setting up a workstation to fit a worker. No two people have the same body type; some have long arms, some have short legs, some have long necks and others have broad shoulders.  Just as clothing comes in different sizes to fit you best, you need to adjust your workstation so it fits you best.  Performing repetitive tasks in an unnatural position can cause fatigue, back pain and repetitive stress injuries, however, a properly set up workstation can increase efficiency, productivity, and comfort. The most important item of your workstation is your chair.  In order to ensure a comfortable ergonomic fit, stand in front of your...

Changes to Employment Insurance Program Announced for 2018

The federal government recently announced a new Employment Insurance (EI) premium rate amount as well as some new investment changes to the program that will provide a greater benefit to Canadians. The new rate for 2018 for employees is $1.66 for $100.00 of insured earnings which equates to an increase of $0.03 while the employer rate will increase to $0.04.  While this is a slight increase for 2018, it still represents a reduction of $0.22 from the 2016 rate of $1.88.  It is also lower than the projected rate of $1.68 per $100.00 of insurable earnings that was included in Budget 2017.  The Canada Employment Insurance Commission has...

Building Referral Partner Networks and Increasing Sales

Building a strong referral partner network can boost sales and distinguish yourself in your community as a trusted source for client assistance.  It takes time, hard work, and focus to build in this area.  To help, I have provided three points to refer to as you look to build a network in your community. Appreciate your partner’s product or service – It is important to let your referral partner know just how much you cherish and appreciate their service and client base. You will want to showcase how your client base can utilize your partner’s service(s) and how essential it is for their growth.  Understand what it is...

Effectively Managing in a Unionized Environment

Did you know that the public sector in Canada is 75% unionized, compared to only 17% in the private sector?  The key difference between a unionized and a non-unionized environment is the presence of a collective agreement.  A collective agreement is a negotiated contract that spells out the general rules and responsibilities for all parties. The payroll department must maintain compliance with the more than 200 Federal and Provincial regulatory requirements or there is a risk of fines and penalties which can be costly.  There are 4 key strategies which will help the payroll professional to effectively achieve their goals in a unionized environment:       Make...