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Worker Responsibilities for Claiming Through WCB

Benefits, Health and Wellness, Personal Advice, WCB
If an employee is injured at work, there are responsibilities on both the employee and the employer when a claim is made through the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB). It is important to note that all workers have a right to make a WCB claim if they are hurt at work and that it is against the law for an employer or supervisor to ask an employee not to report an injury. The first step is to inform your employer of your injury. Try to give as much detail as possible if you are able to immediately. In the event your treatment requires more than basic first aid, you...

Simplified & Strengthened Paid Sick Leave in British Columbia

When an employee falls sick they have the comfort of knowing they can take the time to recover their health by utilizing sick days. Some provinces have even gone so far as to mandate a set amount of employer-paid sick days, but issues can arise when it comes to tracking this time off. The government of British Columbia (B.C.) recently faced this problem when they introduced new legislation at the beginning of the year that sought to protect worker’s rights and simplify the administrative load for the employer. Two issues have arisen since employer-paid sick leave was introduced for signing into law. The first is in regard to...

Effective Email Tips

Business, Personal Advice
The very first email was sent in 1971, and since then the world has grown to use email as an effective means of communication in the workplace. Over 300 billion emails are sent daily, with the average worker receiving 121 emails per day. With so many emails going back and forth, its important that the message you are sending stands out from the rest so it can be noticed, read, and actioned as needed. Tailor you email to your audience – Before sitting down to write out your email, spend some time thinking about the recipient and what kind of communication they would expect. You might need a...

Customer Service Etiquette

Personal Advice, Sales
Customer service etiquette is one of the most fundamental aspects of any business. Doing it well defines how successful a company will be in the future. This applies to any and all industries, from entry-level to professional, especially in sales. While it might seem easy to always be cordial while speaking to customers, it can become easy to forgot to do so when problems arise between your team and a client. Below are a few tips and tricks to ensure your employees are on top of their customer service game: Smile: First impressions are the foundation of the tone of a conversation. Customers will be more at ease...

Promoting Healthy Eating in the Workplace

Benefits, Health and Wellness, Personal Advice
March is Nutrition Month in Canada, which is a great reminder to employers to take a look at promoting healthy eating in the workplace. Food has a direct impact on performance and productivity, and healthy foods will provide energy and happiness to employees – which in turns makes them more engaged, creative, and effective during the day.  There are many different ways to engage and empower your workforce to explore healthy eating in their daily routines: Start by offering opportunities for employees to educate themselves on healthy eating practices. Catered lunch-and-learn sessions, inviting a nutritionist onsite for a workshop, or even posting nutrition information and resources in a...