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Payroll Administration

Payroll administration: PEO Canada provides payroll services that include a full range of comprehensive solutions to meet payroll requirements locally, nationally, and internationally. Our team of trained professionals and payroll software ensures that your payroll is processed accurately, on time, and in adherence with provincial and federal regulations. Clients and their employees also have access to a dedicated and fully trained payroll service specialist, so if questions arise, answers and solutions are only a phone call away.

Our payroll services include:

  • Multiple time-capture options
  • Direct deposit and online pay statements for all employees
  • Expense reimbursement
  • Payroll system administration and software upkeep
  • Guidance and application of payroll deductions and taxable benefits
  • Record of Employment administration and reporting
  • Source deduction and remittance administration
  • Year-end T4/RL1 statements and summaries, reconciliations and filing for all employer taxes

Contract Payroll Services

Our custom-designed payroll software and benefits system enables us to provide a complete menu of options for contract situations such as student co-op payroll services, seasonal and project hiring, and short-term hiring or out-of-province payroll services. Clients can access these services to process non-core payroll and maintain non-core employee satisfaction.

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PEO Standard

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Payroll and Benefits Plan Administration streamlined for your business

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PEO Lite

Payroll Administration, accurate, efficient and compliant

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