The most important tool that any good sales person utilizes is listening. Salespeople who talk instead of listen will not get the big picture. They will not understand their prospects needs and will never be able to properly close a sale.

Instead of listening, often salespeople talk their way out of a sale because they are thinking about what they want to happen instead of listening to their prospect and getting a better idea of what they want to happen.

Ask a question and then listen, if you are listening then follow up questions will let your prospect know that you understand their point. This will show that your main interest and focus is … THEM!. This is the only way that you can properly propose a solution.

Only by listening properly will follow up questions show your prospect that the focus is where it needs to be – on them and their expectations.

Being prepared will help you to utilize the time that the prospect has set aside for the both of you to discuss. Asking key questions and listening will ensure that the prospect feels validated with the issues they are currently having and that your service or product will be the solution.

Good luck and remember that everyone wants to be validated and by properly listening and utilizing follow up questions – there is no doubt your prospect will become a client and will begin to trust you.

Christina Ramalho / Business Consultant / PEO Canada