Whether it’s a charity event or donating your time to a worthwhile cause every week, there are major benefits for a sales person when working within their community. There are also numerous benefits to include volunteering in your human resources program. As a sales professional, you can create a favourable image for your company, make some key long term contacts, and most importantly you improve your own self, which enables you to have more confidence and do your job better.

As human resources specialists, we also see the benefit of including an employee volunteer program into your human resources programs. HR consultants often work with companies to adjust their human resources programs to include volunteering because it improves morale and employee retention.

Create a good reflection of your company

By working in the community either through a charity event or sitting on a committee that creates awareness for change. You are creating an amazing reflection for your company and its human resources programs. You are representing your company as an entity that has awareness of issues in the community and gives back to those in need.

Create contacts aside from cold calling

It is nice to create leads or contacts aside from cold calling, while this is a great source for business; working within your community creates contacts that see you other than a “sales person”. They also see your company as more than just a business. These contacts are long term contacts that will create business opportunities down the line.


It has always been said that by giving to others, you are really giving to yourself. HR consultants see the improvement in employees’ self-worth and mood when volunteering. The lessons you learn and the feeling you get when helping, is priceless. You get a sense of esteem, clarity, and gratitude. It cannot be given a dollar amount. It will create a person that is infused with a greater purpose, which in turn, creates self-confidence. That of course develops an amazing sales person and employee base.

So get out there and give back!!

Christina Ramalho / Business Consultant / PEO Canada