If you are Business Owner that is well past the start-up stage and your business is growing, you may be ready to take the step towards HR outsourcing. It is an exciting time when your client base increases and the steady stream of new projects are coming in. Of course, now you are hiring additional staff to meet the increasing demands but somehow the excitement of growing your business is being replaced by a new kind of stress: trying to be two places at once. The multi-tasking can be exhausting along with the attempts to be all things to all people. Do you feel like you are able to give the necessary time to each task?  Is this pace sustainable for you? Is this affecting your core business issues? Are opportunities getting missed?

Here are some signs that it’s time to outsource and get some assistance with your HR:

  • You’re the CEO and you spend more than half your day on non-strategic work, while your staff is jumping from one crisis to another. Everyone is always trying to catch up. When is the last time you were able to take a vacation?
  • You are not growing your business as your focus is on daily administration. This includes working long hours in order to make up for time lost on employee and administrative issues.
  • Your bookkeeper is requesting to come in more often and he/she can hardly keep up with the workload. Your Accountant’s fees have increased because they are stepping in above and beyond their service offering.
  • Payroll is taking up too much time with calculating vacation, stat holiday pay, termination pay, and overtime. Is this getting too complicated?
  • You frequently receive communications from the Canada Revenue Agency regarding employer taxes not being paid accurately and on time.
  • You consult HR lawyers, and pay steeply as liability has increasingly become a concern.  You have no HR manual and no knowledge of existing employment laws new legislative changes.
  • Turnover for staff is high.

If you recognize yourself in these scenarios, it may be a good time to review how outsourcing your HR needs can help you get back to focusing on the growth of your business. It is a more cost effective solution as you will be dealing with a team of experts who will not only have access to all of the newest industry developments but also have a firm understanding of how to best use them. By outsourcing payroll and HR, you give responsibility to someone who is specifically trained in the field. Your valuable time can be used to work on things that grow your business’ revenue. Why not rely on a third-party HR provider to take care of everything else?  Call your area’s PEO Canada Business Consultant to get back on track today!

Magda Williams / Business Consultant / PEO Canada