As Human Resources professionals we have all been subjected to the stigma that HR = “The Grim Reaper”, has been kept around to deliver the bad or worst news.  In order to challenge the status quo and have a paradigm shift in the thought process of our client groups, it is important to provide our services without the negative connotation and have a more positive and strategic approach.

It is imperative that we, as HR, build our relationships with our client groups, internal or external, with professionalism, credibility, and trust. Get to know your client groups and determine what makes them tick, both positively and negatively. What are their expectations of you, and you of them? This will establish boundaries and allow you to “know your audience”. As HR professionals, the relationships which we build with our client groups will truly allow us to drive home the shift of being business partners; individual contributors whom assist in the development of people, teams, and ultimately the business.

Creating a positive environment could be as simple as having a round table discussion, helping to influence open dialogue amongst teams on their needs, struggles or shortcomings within their department, and which actionable items can be developed to assist in bettering their present environment. Another great idea is to host developmental meetings; meetings which help drive productive conversations about an employee’s desire to grow within your organization.  During this conversation, you and the employee can curate a strong developmental plan for their future growth.

These are just a few ideas to help shift the employee perspective on traditional Human Resources practices and ideally can help grow your team organically, and with positivity.

Samantha Chase / Human Resources Advisor / PEO Canada