There are all kinds of statistics that show most North Americans don’t pick up a book after their school days are done. And, anecdotally, many seem to be very proud of that fact. Why is that?

They often had such a bad experience in school or just disappointing memories of those days; they think it is easier to not continue to read. Combine that with the growing entertainment value of television, Blu-ray, computer and video games and any other electronic form of stimulation, it is just plain easier not to.

But, reading is an extension of education. And continuing your education is the best way for you to bring value to you in your career. Whether it is a way to get a better position, or just to bring value to your current role, continuing to learn is crucial to moving you forward. For those who are still averse to picking up a book and reading and those more in tune with Facebook than a library book, you can obtain further education through a growing list of on-line services (University of Phoenix comes to mind) to provide education.

Bringing more value to your role brings more value to your organization. This in turn creates more opportunity where you are at, even if there are limited rungs in the corporate ladder.

Most people want to know they are valued. In the corporate world, the more you bring to the table, the more value you bring. The more value you bring, the more your organization will call upon you and the better chance you have to become integral in your work community.

This is an investment of time and dollars that can pay off long term for your life, not just your career. If you aren’t growing, you are shrinking. And, if you aren’t learning your mind is shriveling.

I would encourage everyone to never stop learning. Fall in love with the process and enjoy expanding your opportunities. Check out institutions such as the aforementioned University of Phoenix and other higher learning options.

To that end, PEO Canada recently launched our own PEO Canada University initiative. This program provides a suite of on-line courses to our clients and their employees. With 3000+ courses, it offers a wide range of education options where people can continue their learning and continue to add value to their careers and organizations.

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Written By: Bill Leesman, Director – PEO Canada