As an employer, do you know what your responsibilities are when a workplace injury occurs?


Provide or assist your worker with seeking medical attention

  • Provide any required first aid treatment at the scene
  • Send your worker for necessary and immediate medical attention
    • As an Employer you are responsible to arrange transportation and pay any costs, if applicable, for transportation (ambulance fees, taxi fare, etc.)


Keep a record

  • Record the details of the injury/incident. The records must include:
    • Name of worker
    • Date and time of injury/incident
    • Date, time, and name of who it was reported to
    • A description of the injury
    • A description of the incident, where it occurred, and the possible cause
    • What first aid, if any, was provided to the worker
  • WCB and OHS Regulations require records be kept confidential and for a minimum of three years


Report the injury/incident

  • As an employer you have 72 hours after becoming aware of an injury or illness to submit an Employer’s Report of Injury form if the accident results in, or will likely result in:
    • Your worker seeks medical attention beyond the first aid administered
    • Lost time or the need to temporarily or permanently modify work beyond the date of accident
    • Death or permanent disability (amputation, hearing loss, etc.)
    • A disabling or potentially disabling condition caused by occupational exposure or activity (poisoning, infection, respiratory disease, dermatitis, etc.)
    • Incurring medical aid expenses (dental treatment, eyeglass repair or replacement (prescription medications, etc.)


Pay the injured worker’s full wages for the day the injury occurred

  • If your worker is unable to work beyond the day of the accident, compensation payments start the first regular working day afterward


Modified duties or Return-to-Work program

  • The Workers’ Compensation board will work with you to help you bring your injured worker back to work safely
  • It’s assumed that the injured worker will go back to work:
    • As soon as they are able to perform their essential job duties in the same job or a job of equal value and pay
    • When they are fit for modified work or alternative work in the first available job


Advise the Workers’ Compensation board

  • Notify WCB if your worker:
    • Returns to work to full pre-accident duties
    • Does not comply with the set modified duties/schedule
    • Injury is worsening or requires further medical attention

Your PEO Canada WCB Administrator is here to support you through this process and answer any questions you might have.  To continue this discussion, please reach out!


Melissa Manzutti / WCB Administrator / PEO Canada