In order to be successful in the big world of sales, it is essential to continually fill your pipeline with prospects so that you have fresh new leads in your territory. Here are some tips to help ensure you always have an exciting lead to follow up on.

Google Alerts can help keep you in tune with the changing market place and in the know of how the climate is changing for your pool of prospects.  Have there been any changes with the decision makers?  Is there any opportunity for you to reach out and congratulate a contact that you have been in touch with?  The goal is to always have a way to grab a hot prospect’s attention and by being in the loop that gives you the chance to do so.

Why not hold a networking event?  By sharing and creating a network of partners, information can be shared and opportunities can be created.  This can also create an element of excitement for partners to be in the fold of your industry.  By creating an exclusive event, partners can share stories of their best practices and you will be amazed at the return on investment!

Reach out to your current clients and re-visit data bases, it is remarkable how a fresh set of eyes can pin point some great opportunities.  Perhaps there has been a change in your service offering or product that can now apply to an older prospect. By having a conversation with current clients, you might be surprised that they are able to refer you over business. The best prospect is always referred over by a current client.

Finally, a great way to fill your pipeline with hot new prospects is to hold a demonstration with either prospective clients or more importantly a referral partner that you want to build a relationship.  It is important however to adjust your presentation to fit the client base of your referral partner.  Your referral partners want to understand how your service or product can better enhance their client’s experience.

Good luck with filling the pipeline, by staying positive and believing in your product anything is possible!


Christina Ramalho / Business Consultant / PEO Canada