Every year, dozens of workers and motorists are injured or killed in construction zones. You can help prevent these casualties. Slow down and pay attention when driving through construction zones, respect the posted limit and spread your message of support.

The welcomed rise in temperatures means summer is coming. It also means seasonal construction and improvements to many of Alberta’s roads are starting. Partners in Road Construction Safety (PIRCS) launched its annual campaign to encourage motorists to obey traffic laws, slow down and not “RIP” through construction zones.

With more than 1,000 collisions in construction or maintenance zones in 2011, PIRCS’ 2013 campaign also hopes to reduce incidents by encouraging Albertans to be more proactive about their route planning by paying attention to construction updates online, or by calling 511 Alberta before they head out on the road.

The PIRCS website features road construction locations, safety tips and details of the initiative. Since its creation, PIRCS has spent approximately $3.5 million to promote construction zone safety through radio and television advertising, billboards and signage in construction zones, featuring the well-known “Don’t RIP Through Construction Zones” slogan. This is an important investment, considering the province’s population has increased by more than 700,000 people since the campaign began 11 years ago.

The www.dont-rip.ca website will also be a destination for information to help motorists plan alternative routes and learn more about this year’s campaign and road safety statistics.

Up-to-date road reports, including information on construction zones traffic delays, is a click or a call away. Call 5-1-1 toll-free, visit 511.alberta.ca., or follow on Twitter @511Alberta. to get on the road to safer travel.

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Written by Lisa Rowney / WCB Specialist / PEO Canada