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PEO Canada’s Commitment to Continuity of Services amid COVID-19

The World Health Organization (WHO) has now characterized the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) as a pandemic. This is not just a public health crisis but a serious situation that will touch every sector, business, and organization on both employment and financial levels.

Following the recommendations of both the Federal and Provincial Governments, we have transitioned our employees to their remote work locations.

PEO Canada has put policies in place to minimize interruptions to our business while we operate in our building, keeping the health and well-being of our staff a top priority.

The continued commitment to our shared business continuity with minimal disruptions remains our ultimate goal. To achieve this, all employees have been provided with corporately supplied desktops, thus ensuring the same security and encryption we have in place in our physical offices.

As we deal with highly sensitive and confidential information, the security of this data in use by our staff is of utmost importance. Additional security provisions have been made to ensure that your corporate and employee data remains intact and confidential at all times. Security of the information includes: Encrypted traffic for all sensitive data via a Virtual Private Network (VPN), email traffic Transport Layer Security (TLS) enabled, and adherence to strict confidentiality agreements and regulations regarding physical information.

Alternate methods of virtual communication have also been added to ensure our teams are in immediate contact. Our teams will remain working together to continue to provide the same excellent customer care that you have come to expect. Please continue to utilize your PEO Canada Service Team as a resource and Trevor Katelnikoff, our CEO, as an emergency contact should urgent inquiries arise.

We also want to encourage you and your employees to seek reputable sources of information on COVID-19. Here are the official health and governmental resources:

Government of Canada, Health Services

World Health Organization, on COVID-19

Canada Center for Disease Control

Provincial Health Authorities

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