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Why to Choose Outsourcing Core-Competencies

Business, Sales
As a business grows, so do the requirements of a business and its employees. Outsourcing these needs are beneficial as it allows a business to set focus on future growth, development, and goals. Some may be hesitant to outsource what would typically be considered “in-house” responsibilities but the first step when choosing to outsource these needs is to find a quality provider. Research any potential partners, look for how long they have been in their practice and whether they are willing to give client references. Both of these methods are great ways to find out if a potential partner is knowledgeable, open, and professional. Once an organization has...

Following Up With Clients

Onboarding clients is a unique process. It can be simple but more often than not, you may have to put serious effort into it, no matter what industry you are in. Some would think that after a contract is signed, the job is done and you can move on to the next prospective client. However, your relationship with the client shouldn’t end after the onboarding process is complete. It’s important to follow-up with your clients and continue a working relationship with them. This provides many benefits for them and your company. You want to show your client that your goal is to help them achieve their business needs....

Customer Service Etiquette

Personal Advice, Sales
Customer service etiquette is one of the most fundamental aspects of any business. Doing it well defines how successful a company will be in the future. This applies to any and all industries, from entry-level to professional, especially in sales. While it might seem easy to always be cordial while speaking to customers, it can become easy to forgot to do so when problems arise between your team and a client. Below are a few tips and tricks to ensure your employees are on top of their customer service game: Smile: First impressions are the foundation of the tone of a conversation. Customers will be more at ease...

Understanding Service Needs Before Providing Solutions

Business, Sales
It’s time to present your service solution and pricing to a prospect! It is a very exciting part of a sales cycle, but before you present slow down and ask yourself: do you understand your prospect? Does your potential future client feel that you do know exactly what they are looking for? It is key to go through a check list internally to ensure you are presenting the appropriate solution. You should know the answers to the following questions before getting ready to close the deal: What is the prospect’s problem or issue? Often, the prospect is aware of their own issues, but wants to make sure that...

Is Cold Calling Dead?

Business, Personal Advice, Sales
“Cold Calling”, or reaching out to a potential customer with no prior interaction, can be one of the most daunting aspects of sales. So much so that it often keeps good people away from the profession! The question almost everyone asks when diving into a sales role is “Do I have to do cold calling?” There is a wave of thought that believes the era of cold calling is dead. Networking seems to be the way to become successful in sales, as this is where all the big deals take place. Senior-level contacts will often not accept cold calls, and the only way to meet them, connect, and...