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Fraudulent Letters and Scams

Business, Payroll, Personal Advice
No one wants to fall victim to fraudulent letters or scams and with today’s technologies, these cons can arrive in a number of ways, whether that be through direct mail or email. These letters sound convincing as they can impersonate an attorney, financial institution, or government agency. It is best to be cautious, especially when receiving unexpected communication, and learn how to detect warning signs. It is always a good practice to take a second look at an official letter or email and never click on the link provided or respond to a phone number included, even if your initial take is that the communication is real. If...

Travel Insurance

Benefits, Personal Advice
As summer comes to a close, employees are taking vacations to try to enjoy the last of the warm weather. But if they are leaving the country, they should be prepared and make sure that they are covered by travel insurance for any unforeseen accidents. There are many reasons to book travel insurance before planning a vacation. What if an emergency happens and flights needs to be cancelled? What if luggage is lost? What if there is a medical mishap and a visit to a hospital is required? What happens if you are pickpocketed? Luckily, most basic travel insurance policies cover these unexpected events and will help reimburse...

Maximizing Your Dental Benefits

Benefits, Health and Wellness, Personal Advice
Maintaining good oral hygiene is important for our overall health, which is why most employers make sure to include dental plans in their employee benefits packages. Even if you follow a diligent oral hygiene routine, it is always good to take advantage of your dental benefits to be certain there are no surprises. Your dental hygienist is a professional doctor that is looking out for your health and you should visit them just as often as you would your family doctor. It is highly recommended that adults visit their dentist regularly at least once a year, however some people may go sooner if their benefits plan allow them...

Worker Responsibilities for Claiming Through WCB

Benefits, Health and Wellness, Personal Advice, WCB
If an employee is injured at work, there are responsibilities on both the employee and the employer when a claim is made through the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB). It is important to note that all workers have a right to make a WCB claim if they are hurt at work and that it is against the law for an employer or supervisor to ask an employee not to report an injury. The first step is to inform your employer of your injury. Try to give as much detail as possible if you are able to immediately. In the event your treatment requires more than basic first aid, you...

Effective Email Tips

Business, Personal Advice
The very first email was sent in 1971, and since then the world has grown to use email as an effective means of communication in the workplace. Over 300 billion emails are sent daily, with the average worker receiving 121 emails per day. With so many emails going back and forth, its important that the message you are sending stands out from the rest so it can be noticed, read, and actioned as needed. Tailor you email to your audience – Before sitting down to write out your email, spend some time thinking about the recipient and what kind of communication they would expect. You might need a...