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Resource Management

Business, Implementation
Whether tackling a new project or simply performing a routine practice, it is best to always assess if you have the proper resources to complete the task. Evaluating what you have at your deposal and how you can use these resources is key to be successfully in your goal.  The first step to complete while beginning a new project is to assess the resources you have at hand. This can be anything from materials and supplies you can use or any documentation and instructions at the ready. Once you have a realistic idea of what resources you have at your deposal, you can begin. It is best to...

Updating Client Information

Business, Implementation
The day-to-day processes of your business can be disrupted when client information is not kept up to date. It is best to have regular reviews of such materials as it only takes one miscommunication to a client to cause confusion. To maintain a professional and reliable relationship with your company’s patron, the process of updating client information should start internally. The first step to updating client information is to look at your past communication logs with your client. These logs might include phone calls, emails, or physical documents. There may be conflicting communications that you have received from different client contacts, so it is best to make notes...