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Effective Email Tips

Business, Personal Advice
The very first email was sent in 1971, and since then the world has grown to use email as an effective means of communication in the workplace. Over 300 billion emails are sent daily, with the average worker receiving 121 emails per day. With so many emails going back and forth, its important that the message you are sending stands out from the rest so it can be noticed, read, and actioned as needed. Tailor you email to your audience – Before sitting down to write out your email, spend some time thinking about the recipient and what kind of communication they would expect. You might need a...

Motivate With Extrinsic/Intrinsic Rewards

Business, Human Resources
Acknowledging and rewarding an employee’s good behavior is a great way to increase motivation, improve performance, and retain top talent. Recognition comes in many forms, but when looking at ideas for rewarding your team, why not give extrinsic and intrinsic motivators a try? Extrinsic rewards are tangible motivators, like offering pay raises, bonuses, and benefits. Monetary benefits can instantly motivate some employees to work towards the reward, especially since money directly impacts one’s quality of life. As nice as they seem, these kinds of rewards tend to have short-term effects, and can be costly if expected to be continuously given.  This may also be difficult for some smaller...

Making The Most of Your Meetings

Business, Personal Advice
Organizing a meeting with your team is a great way to problem-solve, collaborate, and make group-based decisions; however, the point of sitting down together may be moot if the meeting itself is ineffective or inefficient. If a meeting is to be the best use of everyone’s time, then it should be used to convey information, answer questions, brainstorm ideas/problem solve, network, or sell a product, idea, or service. Before gathering the team for a meeting, you should determine if it’s necessary to sit down together at all. Prior to scheduling and organizing, ask yourself the following questions: Why am I booking this meeting?What do I want to accomplish...

Understanding Service Needs Before Providing Solutions

Business, Sales
It’s time to present your service solution and pricing to a prospect! It is a very exciting part of a sales cycle, but before you present slow down and ask yourself: do you understand your prospect? Does your potential future client feel that you do know exactly what they are looking for? It is key to go through a check list internally to ensure you are presenting the appropriate solution. You should know the answers to the following questions before getting ready to close the deal: What is the prospect’s problem or issue? Often, the prospect is aware of their own issues, but wants to make sure that...

The Rules of Resignations

Business, Human Resources
Unfortunately, resignations are unavoidable in the workplace, and can be uncomfortable for both parties. Knowing the rules of resignation can make these conversations much easier for both the employee and employer and may avoid a potential claim to the organization. An employee’s resignation is usually clear and is not normally subject to interpretation. It can be as simple as “I’ve decided to stay home for the next few years to take care of my family”, or simply “this job isn’t working for me”. In situations such as these, the conversation won’t likely leave room for ambiguity, however if this conversation is not followed by a written letter of...