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Navigating Benefits Plan: Understanding and Managing Overage Dependents in Canada

The summer has come and gone, and there is much to look back on. Now that it’s the beginning of Fall, we are settling into our routine of school and work. Whether you are a parent or a student in college, you know how those first few weeks are, which can be described in one word: chaos. However, have no fear, as we are here to assist by supplying you with information regarding your overage dependents and what that means for their coverage on your benefit plan. What is classified as an overage dependent? In Canada, an overage dependent (OAD), is a dependent that has reached a certain...

Travel Insurance

Benefits, Personal Advice
As summer comes to a close, employees are taking vacations to try to enjoy the last of the warm weather. But if they are leaving the country, they should be prepared and make sure that they are covered by travel insurance for any unforeseen accidents. There are many reasons to book travel insurance before planning a vacation. What if an emergency happens and flights needs to be cancelled? What if luggage is lost? What if there is a medical mishap and a visit to a hospital is required? What happens if you are pickpocketed? Luckily, most basic travel insurance policies cover these unexpected events and will help reimburse...

Maximizing Your Dental Benefits

Benefits, Health and Wellness, Personal Advice
Maintaining good oral hygiene is important for our overall health, which is why most employers make sure to include dental plans in their employee benefits packages. Even if you follow a diligent oral hygiene routine, it is always good to take advantage of your dental benefits to be certain there are no surprises. Your dental hygienist is a professional doctor that is looking out for your health and you should visit them just as often as you would your family doctor. It is highly recommended that adults visit their dentist regularly at least once a year, however some people may go sooner if their benefits plan allow them...

Worker Responsibilities for Claiming Through WCB

Benefits, Health and Wellness, Personal Advice, WCB
If an employee is injured at work, there are responsibilities on both the employee and the employer when a claim is made through the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB). It is important to note that all workers have a right to make a WCB claim if they are hurt at work and that it is against the law for an employer or supervisor to ask an employee not to report an injury. The first step is to inform your employer of your injury. Try to give as much detail as possible if you are able to immediately. In the event your treatment requires more than basic first aid, you...

Promoting Healthy Eating in the Workplace

Benefits, Health and Wellness, Personal Advice
March is Nutrition Month in Canada, which is a great reminder to employers to take a look at promoting healthy eating in the workplace. Food has a direct impact on performance and productivity, and healthy foods will provide energy and happiness to employees – which in turns makes them more engaged, creative, and effective during the day.  There are many different ways to engage and empower your workforce to explore healthy eating in their daily routines: Start by offering opportunities for employees to educate themselves on healthy eating practices. Catered lunch-and-learn sessions, inviting a nutritionist onsite for a workshop, or even posting nutrition information and resources in a...