When you began that new job, were you nervous? Did you know what to do?

Sure you will be toured around your office. You will meet a lot of people whose names you will forget the minute you leave their desk. You will be told who you report to, where your desk is, and most importantly, where the lunch room and washrooms are.

But then what? No problem they say. You are in sales – go out and sell. You will figure it out if you are any good. And why wouldn’t you be good, you sold them on giving you the job right?

That is when many sales people freeze up. Yes I know I have to sell, but what does that mean? Although “sales is sales” is accurate in terms of the general process, achieving success in sales goes beyond the general definition.

However, with so much excitement, it is easy to go “brain dead” – so much happening that you lose focus on your primary function and what you have to do.

A job description, with current KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) can help with some guidance of specific tasks and your role in relation to the rest of the organization. That can get you on the road to success that much faster.