The Power of Listening

By: Christina Ramalho

Listening is one of the greatest tools that any Sales Person has. Think back to your school days. What did the teacher always tell you to do: “Listen, Stop Talking, and Pay Attention!” These golden nuggets of wisdom still apply today. When you are talking with a prospect, it’s best to let them talk. Find out as much as you can about this individual, what their business is, and how you could possibly ease some of the pain. The only way we can figure out what the pain is …. You got it … LISTEN!

It seems very simple and it is! Sometimes, as we get older, we forget about the basic tools we learned awhile back. The art of listening; not feeling the need to fill up every silent moment with some random thought you have. Perhaps in these moments of silence your prospect was thinking about what to share with you. Why interrupt that?

So as you move forward and continue to flourish in your business, take some time to reflect and thank that grade school teacher. That teacher gave you advice that you can take with you anywhere, especially in sales!

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