Keeping Your New Years Resolution

New Years has come and gone, and with it the promises of adding positive changes in our lives. How many of us have said we’re going to “lose a few extra pounds”, “get back in shape”, or “learn a new hobby.”? And how many of us will actually follow through on our resolutions?

Making a new years resolution can feel like the thing to do at the time, when really it should be a conscious choice to do something better for yourself. So how do we make a vow for change, AND keep it?

Remember to keep it simple and realistic, and be your best cheerleader!

Telling yourself you’re going to lose 30 pounds in the first few months of the year can be a big change for most people. That can equate to 10-20% of our total body weight. Take it one step at a time, or one pound at a time. Choosing 12-15 pounds to lose over the same time is reasonable and still healthy for you.

Also remember that you’re doing this for you, so pat yourself on the back and celebrate the victories along the way. You’ve started seeing the difference, treat yourself to a new music CD or for a massage at the spa.

For some great tips on keeping your new years resolutions, and other great ideas, click on the following link:

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