It’s Time for a Spring Clean, Let’s Move Those Prospects Along!!!

Out with the old and in with the new, that’s the motto for spring. Why not apply that to your growing list of prospects. This is the time of year for everyone to re-organize so it’s a great time to take another look and ensure that old prospects that haven’t been moving forward are out of the cycle. Take that focus and put your energy towards prospects that have a potential to close.

Potential clients are also looking to focus on what needs to be changed or re-arranged in their procedures and policies. What a great time of year to connect and review how you can assist with their objectives.  What are some big items that you can assist with? Create a list to show how you can be of assistance and then follow through with your prospects!

For prospects that have been at a standstill, it’s okay to ask for a final word on whether or not they would like to be moving forward. You will get your answer, and then focus on new, hot prospects. This will free up time on both sides and it will be appreciated.

The snow is melting, everyone wants to get outside! Arrange it so your prospect can get out of the office for a quick coffee or breakfast meeting. Begin a partnership and work with prospects to help them check off items on their “To Do List”. By being of service, you show how much you care.

Christina Ramalho / Business Consultant / PEO Canada


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