Honesty in Business

I was part of a LinkedIn conversation about honesty just recently and there was a tremendous amount of differing opinions on integrity, honesty, and its place in business. I was really quite shocked with the amount of people who felt that non-disclosure of the facts was ok. As long as you did not out and out lie, it was ok.

As well, it was interesting the comments regarding different cultures and the relationship of truth and business. Many felt that the end justified the means. As long as we come out ahead, it is ok.

I can only speak for North American culture, but my experience is that people today want the truth and are skeptical when they get it. But, if you are honest and keep your integrity intact, you will find success. You may lose a battle here and there. You may lose a deal once in a while to someone who is willing to bend the truth. But in the war that is business, if you keep your head held high, and be as truthful as you can, you will come out ahead.

Bill Leesman / Director / PEO Canada

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