Building Referral Partner Networks and Increasing Sales

Building a strong referral partner network can boost sales and distinguish yourself in your community as a trusted source for client assistance.  It takes time, hard work, and focus to build in this area.  To help, I have provided three points to refer to as you look to build a network in your community.

  • Appreciate your partner’s product or service – It is important to let your referral partner know just how much you cherish and appreciate their service and client base. You will want to showcase how your client base can utilize your partner’s service(s) and how essential it is for their growth.  Understand what it is they do, this is important as it shows your willingness to learn and mandates the importance of a referral network in your line of work.
  • Show your worth – If you are able to connect people within your network, you are showing your worth not only for your sales revenue, but also for your partners. Try and be the first one to refer over business, this allows your partner to feel the importance of your partnership and gives them the desire to refer over to you.
  • Follow up – The strength of your referral partnership is only as strong as your ability to follow up. Either on a referral that was passed along, a recent partnership introduction that was made, or simply keeping you fresh in your referral partner’s mind.  Following up shows your strength in the business world and also let’s your partner know just how much you appreciate them.

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming, but if you focus on the above three points, it will help to push you in the right direction and grow a network where everyone can benefit; your sales revenue, your clients’ needs, and your referral partner’s appreciation of your relationship. Good luck and stay positive, partnerships are essential to everyone’s growth and it is a common thread in building anyone’s business.

Christina Ramalho / Business Consultant / PEO Canada

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