Are You Drinking Enough Water?

We still have half of our summer to go, and they’re predicting warmer and dryer weather than we’ve experienced this past June and July. While drinking plenty of water when we’re out in the sun to help stay cool and prevent sun stroke is a good idea, its only one of many.

Water is a constant part of our lives whether we’re aware of it or not. We’re made up of roughly 70% water. So we need to ensure we’re drinking enough every day to keep our body healthy.

Examples of how our body uses water:

• Keeping our body temperature healthy

• Improving digestion
• Transporting nutrients through our bodies through the blood system and taking toxins away
• Flushing out waste
• And much more…

Most people do not realize they’re not drinking enough every day, or know how much enough is. Drinking 8 cups a day doesn’t always work as a general rule of thumb because we’re all different.

Here is some information that can help you gauge how much is right.

Recommended Cups Per Day
(1 cup = 250 ml)
Children up to 8 years old – 5 to 7 cups
Girls 9 to 18 years old – 8 to 9 cups
Boys 9 to 18 years old – 10 to 13 cups
Women 19 years and older – 6 to 15 cups
Men 19 years and older – 12 to 15 cups

Try not to think about drinking all your recommended daily cups at once. Spread it out over the day and it won’t seem so overwhelming.

• Drinking a couple of glasses of water in the morning when you get up has been said to increase your metabolism for the day.
• Drinking a glass with every meal or when you take a break from your daily routine (e.g. getting up from your desk)
• Find the times during the day that will work best for you.

Measure the amount of water your glass holds the next time you have a drink, you might be surprised to find it holds more than 1 cup. You could be drinking healthy already!

Written By: Patrick Villegas

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