2015 Premium Rates for Worker’s Compensation Boards

Worker’s Compensation rates are dependent on an employee’s payroll, industry sector and history of injuries.  With all these variables, it can be hard to stay on top of changes in rate, rebates, discounts and premiums.  PEO Canada is here to help!

The 2015 Premium Rates for all Workers’ Compensation Boards across Canada are in. Various Boards have incentive or rebate programs available to help you lower your premiums.


WorkSafe BC –

WCB Alberta –

WSIB Ontario – http://www.wsib.on.ca  Under Employers-Coverage and Premiums


Please contact your PEO Canada WCB Administrator, or visit each Province’s website, for their specific information and requirements.  Stay safe!


Jenniffer Barabonoff / WCB Administrator / PEO Canada

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