Summer is upon us and with the warmer weather comes the opportunity to try new things and spend more time outdoors. There are a few considerations and important situations to be prepared for as you set out to enjoy the beautiful weather. Recent cases of mosquito-borne diseases have increased as well as occurrences of Lyme disease carried by ticks.

There are a variety of things people can do to protect themselves from mosquitoes and ticks.

The Government of Canada recommends a variety of ways to minimize the chances of being bitten by mosquitos.

  1. Wear bug spray.
  2. Wear loose long sleeves and long pants.
  3. Ensure that windows and doors have secure screens on them to prevent mosquitos from coming indoors.

If you do suffer mosquito bites seek medical attention if you experience any symptoms outside of the usual discomfort.

With the incidence of Lyme disease on the rise it is important to protect yourself from ticks when adventuring outdoors especially in the woods. The Government of Canada has a variety of recommendations for avoiding tick bites.

  1. Wear DEET or permethrin bug spray along with long sleeved clothing and pants.
  2. Avoid densely wooded areas and walk in the middle of trails.
  3. Look for ticks once you return from the outdoors and bathe or shower within 2 hours to wash away and find ticks.
  4. Ensure that you perform a whole body tick check taking extra attention around knees, elbows, armpits, and hair.
  5. Children and animals should be thoroughly checked over by an adult.For more information about Lyme disease visit the link below.

If you do find a tick be gentle when removing it as it will need to be tested for Lyme disease:

Marlene Copithorne / Benefits Administrator / PEO Canada