Sales people should take note of the emerging Generation “Y”. We should know what gets them interested and how to attract their business.

At the most recent NAPEO Conference, I attended a Keynote speaking session and listened to Seth Mattison. His topic was “The Future of Work Today: Innovations to Compete and Succeed in Digital Age”. The main point he was trying to get across? The next generation of professionals is looking for authenticity. The next generation of buyers feels that authenticity matters most.

I then read Mattison’s article “The Secret Insight on Reaching Next Gen Buyers”. He described them as suffering from an erosion of trust. This generation has been advertised to the most in history. They seem to be immune to quick pitches. How to we reach this new consumer?

Let’s talk about the simple issue of getting in touch. This generation doesn’t answer the phone; they don’t even check their voice mail. They are using many forms of digital communication. During the conference Mattison discussed that this generation feels it is rude to call their cell phone, that the polite thing to do would be to text and arrange a call.

If you are having difficulty getting in touch with a new prospect, you may want to review and see if perhaps you are dealing with this generation. You could try texting to arrange a call if you haven’t had any success with calling and leaving voice messages. Be authentic with your delivery. The most successful way to sell to this generation of consumer is to simply be more human.

Christina Ramalho / Business Consultant / PEO Canada