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What is a PEO?

What is a PEO?

Professional Employer Organizations (PEO’s) provide integrated, outsourced human resource services that help reduce employer risks by ensuring compliance. Since our inception in 1997, PEO Canada has been offering integrated employee management services to small and medium businesses across Canada.

PEO’s are the most effective way for small and mid-sized companies to outsource employer services such as payroll services, benefit plan administration and workers’ compensation administration. PEO Canada also provides excellent benefit programs to attract and retain top employees.

Our job is to deliver comprehensive support effectively and cost-efficiently. Our model, in conjunction with our professional team, enables our clients to optimize their company’s operational excellence and ensures their leadership team focuses on vision and opportunities.

Our Solutions

PEO Canada’s solutions provide the flexibility required to manage organizational structure and are dynamic enough to support your business as it evolves. We will assign dedicated teams of HR professionals who bring relevant experience and knowledge to meet your employee management needs:

Which solution is right for you?

PEO Standard

A total human resource management solution

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PEO Lite +

Payroll and Benefits Plan Administration streamlined for your business

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PEO Lite

Payroll Administration, accurate, efficient and compliant

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