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Professional Employee Management

How We Help

How We Help

We provide outsource employer services and HR solutions using an integrated approach and develop a strong working relationship with you and your team. Our model enables you to optimize your company’s operational excellence and refocus on what you love doing best—leading your business. Let PEO’s human resources professionals take care of your HR solutions.

Reduce Liabilities

Liabilities reduced through improved compliance and best practices in outsourced employer services

Offer Competitive Benefits

Access comprehensive group benefits administration, coverage and specialized expertise

Take the Work Out of HR

Seamless, comprehensive HR solutions developed through our integrated approach and customized to meet your specific needs

Save Time and Money

Cost of internal human resource professionals are reduced or eliminated

Broaden HR Expertise

Access a broad range of HR solutions through a single source of human resource specialists

Our Solutions

PEO Canada’s solutions provide the flexibility required to manage organizational structure and are dynamic enough to support your business as it evolves. We will assign dedicated teams of HR professionals who bring relevant experience and knowledge to meet your employee management needs:

Which solution is right for you?

PEO Standard

A total human resource management solution

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PEO Lite +

Payroll and Benefits Plan Administration streamlined for your business

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PEO Lite

Payroll Administration, accurate, efficient and compliant

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