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About Us

About Us

Since our inception in 1997, we have been offering integrated employee management services to small and medium businesses across Canada, North America, and beyond.

As one of the foremost HR outsource, employee administration companies in North America, our experience in the human resources industry has given us valuable insights and an extensive knowledge of corporate cultures. We have earned a solid reputation for finding people-administration solutions that enable leaders to refocus on the high-level elements of their business.

Today, we continue to provide seamless and comprehensive human resource services with the support of our professional team and our numerous affiliations in the international marketplace.

Our Story

You are a business owner who loves running your own company. As it grows, you find that you’re focusing more on the administrative day-to-day operations instead of the big picture. Rediscover that entrepreneurial passion again with PEO Canada’s outsourced employer services.

As the national employee management organization for small to medium businesses, PEO Canada provides top-notch outsourcing in HR. Use our external human resources, payroll, and group benefits administration services to regain your focus and fall back in love with your business.