Jane’s Story

Jane is the director of human resources programs for a technical processing company in the financial services industry. In 2008, the company acquired a technology firm in Canada. Jane needed a comprehensive solution that would enable her to take care of the company’s isolated Canadian staff and human resource matters in a more integrated way. Since the technology firm was already using PEO Canada for its payroll services, Jane decided to outsource employer services to PEO Canada, specifically the company’s Canadian human resources.

PEO Canada now handles the administrative work in areas such as legal, taxes, and day-to-day HR paperwork. PEO Canada can also access benefit plan options available only to larger companies, so it was able to provide the employees with a Platinum extended health plan at a competitive rate and at a reduced cost to the company. As the Canadian arm of Jane’s team, PEO Canada connects with the employees regularly through on-site visits.

PEO Canada’s connection to the American branch of the company and its visible role on Jane’s team contributes to increased employee retention. The Canadian employees now feel less alienated and more integrated with their American counterparts. Also, with PEO Canada handling its administration tasks, the HR department can now focus on broader HR strategies for the company as a whole.