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Some Smart Sun Tips for Summer

Health and Wellness
With sunny days upon us, whether you’re at a job site or the beach, here are some sun smart tips to help keep you and your family sun safe and protected. Check your local weather for the current UV index. Follow these 5 tips whenever the UV index is 3 or higher! Just Remember… SLIP… SLIP ON A SHIRT Wear clothing that covers as much skin as possible SLOP… SLOP ON THE SUNSCREEN Every day! Get a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more Remember concrete, sand, water and snow can reflect the UV rays back at you Reapply every 2 hours regardless of the...

Always Something – Your New Health Mantra

Health and Wellness
“Always something” is my latest attitude to maintaining consistency when it comes to my exercise routine.  Consistency is the absolute requirement when it comes to the achievement of any health goal, whether it’s a lofty weight loss number, a Personal Record on a big lift, becoming the star of your beer-league team, or simply to stay healthy.  Consistency can be incredibly difficult, amidst all the other demands on our time. Finding an activity that you actually like will go a long way towards achieving consistency with exercise.  It’s a great idea to try out different activities to find ones you like.  We need a variety of resistance (weight...

Taxable Benefit – Automobile

Do your employees receive an employment related benefit? The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) considers a benefit to mean when the employer pays or gives something personal in nature to the employee. The result of the personal benefit is a taxable benefit. One of the most common taxable benefits is related to the use of an employer provided automobile or employee owned vehicle.  An employer provided automobile results in a taxable benefit to the employee when the vehicle is available to the employee for personal use. Both Federal and Quebec Tax Acts require the benefit to be reported as such. When calculating the benefit of an employer provided automobile,...

Human Resource Outsourcing; Indicators That You Are Ready to Take the Step

If you are Business Owner that is well past the start-up stage and your business is growing, you may be ready to take the step towards HR outsourcing. It is an exciting time when your client base increases and the steady stream of new projects are coming in. Of course, now you are hiring additional staff to meet the increasing demands but somehow the excitement of growing your business is being replaced by a new kind of stress: trying to be two places at once. The multi-tasking can be exhausting along with the attempts to be all things to all people. Do you feel like you are able...

Managing Absenteeism

Human Resources
Absenteeism costs Canadian employers over $16.6 billion per year. Add into this, productivity losses and other indirect costs, and that number actually increases to $37 billion.* Employee absenteeism is a costly and disruptive problem to any organization. To ensure that a company is successful, it relies on its employees to be punctual, present and actively engaged. Employees should be held accountable for their attendance habits; however the employer does have an obligation to determine culpable and non-culpable absenteeism, and to deal with each type appropriately, providing accommodation for non-culpable absences where applicable. What is the difference? A culpable absence is an absence that occurs as a result of...