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Daylight Savings Time & Workplace Productivity

Health and Wellness
  It’s that time of year again. In an effort to economize on sunlight and save energy, the clocks get turned forward an hour; a practice that while logical in theory, has not necessarily been helpful in practice. Did you know that DST can have more profound effects on you than just losing that extra hour of sleep? Here are some other ways in which this ritual can affect your health and productivity. Increased workplace injuries Though this threat may not apply to those who work in the office, others who work at more physically demanding jobs have been shown to experience more frequent and severe workplace injuries...

Benefits Fraud: Who Really Pays?

Benefits fraud is often viewed as a victimless crime, one that affects large insurance companies rather than individuals.  However, this is not the case when you consider that an increase in benefit plan claims will result in an increase in your benefit rates.  Also, if the claims usage is causing premium rates to increase, an employer may look at limiting or reducing the paramedical coverage (i.e., chiropractor, massage therapy, acupuncture, physiotherapy etc.) to help with cost containment. Benefits fraud can be as simple as a plan member submitting a claim for a massage they did not receive or increasing the dollar amount of the massage.  It can also...

Tax Tips: Seven Ways Your Family Can Save at Tax Time in 2017

Personal Advice
With the current economy, raising a family can be a challenge. However, there are many benefits, credits, and deductions that can help your family with costs during the year. These could save your family hundreds of dollars and lower the amount you owe at tax time. The biggest key is to file on time if you wish to take advantage of these credits. Child care expenses: If you pay child care so that you can go to work or school, you may be able to claim those expenses on your tax return. Claiming child care expenses may reduce the amount of tax you have to pay. You, your...

Filling the Pipeline

In order to be successful in the big world of sales, it is essential to continually fill your pipeline with prospects so that you have fresh new leads in your territory. Here are some tips to help ensure you always have an exciting lead to follow up on. Google Alerts can help keep you in tune with the changing market place and in the know of how the climate is changing for your pool of prospects.  Have there been any changes with the decision makers?  Is there any opportunity for you to reach out and congratulate a contact that you have been in touch with?  The goal is...

Workplace Safety 101

Health and Wellness
In a workplace environment, it is very easy to become complacent in your surroundings and overlook a hazard with the potential to cause bodily harm.  A big part of workplace safety practices is preventing an injury altogether, and reporting instances of “near misses.”  Near misses are unplanned events that did not result or cause injury or damage but had the possibility of doing so. It is important to be proactive when noticing risks or potential hazards in and around the workplace.  A few such hazards to be aware of could be: Tripping hazards Blocked exits or passageways Slippery or icy floors, sidewalks, etc. Anything else that could cause...