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Budget 2017: Budget season is upon us again

On March 22, 2017, the Canadian Minister of Finance introduced the Federal Budget for 2017-18. This plan is to build a world leading, innovation economy, create jobs, and grow the middle class. What will change, from a payroll stand point? Income Taxes: Distributing electronic T4 information slips without express consent. This will make getting your T4 easier and faster. Caregiver Credit: Simplifying the existing system of tax measures for caregivers by replacing the existing caregiver credit, infirm dependant credit and family caregiver tax credit with a new Canada Caregiver Credit.  This will better support to those who need it most. Tuition Tax credit: Extending the eligibility criteria...

Acquiring a Canadian Business?

Acquiring a business can be an exciting endeavour!  When you go through the acquisition process, it is important to ensure your new, Canadian employees are transitioned smoothly. Four things to keep in mind are: Offer Letters- Employment Contracts: Ensure that they are compliant with Canadian federal and provincial labour legislation and are reflective of your organization’s culture. Setting a clear expectation at the outset of your relationship with your new employees will go a long way in helping them feel good about the changes that are taking place. Payroll: If it’s possible, choose to keep the same pay cycle or one that is very close to the current set...

Win-Win Employee Negotiations

Personal Advice
Negotiating an employment contract can be a difficult and uncomfortable task for both the employee and employer. It is human nature that negotiations are typically interpreted as win-lose scenarios. Why can’t negotiations be interpreted as win-win; and what is a win-win negotiation? A win-win negotiation is when both the employee and employer make adjustments to the employment contract that allows both parties to achieve a mutually agreeable and beneficial result.   Win-Win Employee Negotiations: Establish financial boundaries: As the employer, establish a range to negotiate within, be open to making small adjustments. Set and communicate expectations: As the employer, communicate aspects of the job and compensation that are...

Daylight Savings Time & Workplace Productivity

Health and Wellness
  It’s that time of year again. In an effort to economize on sunlight and save energy, the clocks get turned forward an hour; a practice that while logical in theory, has not necessarily been helpful in practice. Did you know that DST can have more profound effects on you than just losing that extra hour of sleep? Here are some other ways in which this ritual can affect your health and productivity. Increased workplace injuries Though this threat may not apply to those who work in the office, others who work at more physically demanding jobs have been shown to experience more frequent and severe workplace injuries...

Benefits Fraud: Who Really Pays?

Benefits fraud is often viewed as a victimless crime, one that affects large insurance companies rather than individuals.  However, this is not the case when you consider that an increase in benefit plan claims will result in an increase in your benefit rates.  Also, if the claims usage is causing premium rates to increase, an employer may look at limiting or reducing the paramedical coverage (i.e., chiropractor, massage therapy, acupuncture, physiotherapy etc.) to help with cost containment. Benefits fraud can be as simple as a plan member submitting a claim for a massage they did not receive or increasing the dollar amount of the massage.  It can also...