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The HR Paradigm Shift: Creating a Positive Environment

Human Resources
As Human Resources professionals we have all been subjected to the stigma that HR = “The Grim Reaper”, has been kept around to deliver the bad or worst news.  In order to challenge the status quo and have a paradigm shift in the thought process of our client groups, it is important to provide our services without the negative connotation and have a more positive and strategic approach. It is imperative that we, as HR, build our relationships with our client groups, internal or external, with professionalism, credibility, and trust. Get to know your client groups and determine what makes them tick, both positively and negatively. What are...

International research has generated strong evidence that health-care providers have a key role in the return-to-work (RTW) process.

Health and Wellness
The Institute for Work & Health have released findings from a research project studying the role health-care provider’s play in the worker’s compensation system and the return-to-work process. The multi-jurisdictional study included interviews with 97 health-care providers and 34 case managers, focusing on health-care providers’ experiences within the workers’ compensation system and their role in the RTW process. Through document analysis and interviews, the study sought to answer three broad questions: What is the role of health-care providers in the workers’ compensation system and in the RTW process? What challenges do health-care professionals face? What can help engage health-care professionals in the workers’ compensation and RTW process? The...

Annual Registered Retirement Savings Plan Contributions

Now that we are in a new fiscal year, it time to start thinking about maximizing your Annual Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) contribution for 2016.   For those that are not aware, you can make an RRSP contribution anytime throughout the year, or up to 60 days into the following year.  The deadline to make contributions for 2016 is March 1st, 2017. However, before you start making a lump sum contribution you must be aware of your “Contribution Room” limit. So what is a Contribution Room Limit and where do I find it? In Canada there are limits on how much an individual can contribute each year into...

Travel Medical Coverage

Health and Wellness
Christmastime often means travelling with family and friends, and it is important to ensure that proper healthcare coverage is part of your pre-trip planning. Most employer sponsored benefit plans include emergency medical assistance that provides coverage when you and/or your dependents are travelling. These plans provide coverage for emergency medical assistance and it is important to understand the coverage you have before you leave. In order to be prepared you should contact your plan administrator when preparing for a trip out of province. The plan administrator can provide details of your coverage and the contact information for the insurance company should you need assistance. In the event of...

How Can PEO Help With Your WCB Needs?

Health and Wellness
As your Workers’ Compensation Administrators at PEO Canada, we assist with all aspects of the workers’ compensation process on our client’s behalf. This includes injury claims management and account management as follows: Monitor new hires/terminations and open/close workers’ compensation accounts as required, Negotiate the most appropriate and lowest possible premium rates, Report earnings and ensure premiums are paid, Submit all account information and claims reporting on behalf of our client, Assist injured employees to submit claims, if required, Manage claims and return to work process (light/modified duties) as required, Assist client to identify any issues that may require Appeal or Cost Relief and then request and submit this...